Children can benefit greatly from the Internet. They can play games, conduct research, and interact with other kids and teachers using it. However, using the internet can be dangerous because of inappropriate information, cyberbullying, and online predators.

Parents need to be vigilant of what their children read and hear online, as well as who they meet and what personal information they disclose. Talk to your children, provide them with safety measures, and monitor their activities

Simple rules for keeping your children safe online are:

  • Observe both the regulations established by the family,school.
  • Never share or exchange private images
  • Never divulge private information, such your address, phone number, or the name or location of your school.
  • Never consent to meeting someone you met online without your parent's permission and/or supervision.
  • Never reply to an ominous email, message, post, or text.
  • Never keep a correspondence or conversation that was upsetting or frightful a secret from your parents or another responsible adult.


The foundational pillars of parental supervision:

  • To teach your children appropriate online conduct, spend time online together.
  • Instead of having computers in each person's bedrooms, have them in a common area where you can watch and supervise their use. Keep track of all tablets and smartphone usage.
  • Save favorite children's websites for quick access.
  • If your child alerts you to an unpleasant internet discussion, take their complaint seriously..
  • Install appropriate control sofware that has the following basic features.
    • Control on amount of time child has access to internet
    • Control on amount of time child has access to device
    • Ability to create breaks and complete shutdowns
    • Inablity of child to install non-sanctioned software or applications
    • Safe search enabled
    • Block adult related content/sites
  • Ensure that the child has non-Administrative roles in devices
  • Utilise the necessary parental control tools available in
    • Smart TVs
    • WiFi routers
    • Operating Systems