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Application: Teacher of French

Format: 0728230230

  1. Endeavour to maintain and develop the ethos of the school in accordance with the directions given by the Directors and subject thereto, the directions given by the Principal.
  2. Teach a class of students and ensure that planning, preparation, recording, assessment and reporting meet their varying learning and social needs.
  3. Contribute to constructive team-building amongst teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and the Directors.
  4. Ensure that the agreed conditions of employment for school teachers are met.
  5. Implement agreed school policies and guidelines in consultation with the Head teacher.
  6. Support initiatives decided by the Head Teacher and other staff.
  7. Plan appropriately to meet the needs of all students through differentiation of tasks.
  8. Be able to set clear targets based on prior attainment for student’ learning.
  9. Provide a stimulating classroom environment where resources can be accessed appropriately by all students.
  10. Keep appropriate and efficient records of work, integrating formative and summative assessment into weekly and termly planning.
  11. Report to parents on the development, progress and attainment of students.
  12. Maintain good order and discipline amongst students in accordance with the school’s behaviour policy.
  13. Participate in meetings which relate to the school’s management, curriculum, administration as well as organization.
  14. Lead, organize and direct support staff within the classroom.
  15. Participate in the performance management system for effective service delivery.
  16. Attend staff meetings, seminars and co-curricular events that are associated with the school curriculum.
  17. Carry out supervisory duties as required.
  18. Assist with out-of-school activities as may be needed from time to time.
  19. Ensure prompt and regular attendance of students and report any absence to the Principal or Deputy Principal in good time.
  20. Promote a professional image of self as a teacher.
  21. Perform any other duties as directed by the Principal, Deputy Principal or any other senior management staff

(minimum qualifications required to successfully perform the job)

  1. Education & Professional Certification
  • Bachelor of Education degree (French) option or its equivalent from a recognized University/ Institution 
  • Be a registered TSC member
  1. Specialized knowledge
  • Demonstrate a good knowledge and understanding of current educational issues relating to the specialist subject areas
  1. Skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Embrace team spirit  
  1. Abilities
  • Ability to work with a diverse student body
  1. Personal characteristics
  • Self-driven
  1. List of essential experience
  • A minimum of 3 years teaching experience in a recognized school
  1. Essential qualities or behaviours
  • Be willing to inspire, challenge, motivate and empower students

a) Effective teaching and syllabus coverage as per the Makini School standards.

b) Carry out class duties as per Makini standards by liaising with subject teachers and other parties.

c) Class meetings held as per set guidelines as well as accurate reports submitted to the Principal.

d) Achieve set targets for subjects.

e) Cordial relationship with parents and other stakeholders.

f) Punctuality should be adhered to and all school functions should be attended.


Spends most of the time in classrooms and interacting with students.

  • Ability to communicate 

Internal customers 

  1. Students 

External Customers 

  1. Parents 

Notes: This job description is intended as a guide and should not be viewed as an inflexible specification as it may be varied from time to time in the light of strategic developments following discussion with the post holder. The post holder will be expected to work to agreed objectives, which should facilitate achievements of the key responsibilities in accordance with the Performance Review Process.